Performance with integrity, resulting in quality, without exception.

Our focus is on meeting the needs of the client by applying their priorities to the project delivery method that best suits their vision. Our success is measured by achieving the desired outcome that brings that vision to reality.

Gray Construction Services, Inc. (GCSI) offers comprehensive construction management services that allow for the integration of the project planning, design, and construction phases of a project, or the individualization of these phases at the discretion of the owner.  Working with the client, we take the time to understand the unique needs of the client and the challenges of the project, and then strategically apply our broad range of industry knowledge to develop a tailored construction management plan for each individual project.

As one facet of the successful planning and delivery of a project we offer Pre-Construction Services in order to ensure that the planning process effectively considers industry and logistical economic factors, constructability (and required means and methods), and project delivery options that best suit the owner, project, and end-user.

Our Pre-Construction Services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Order of Magnitude & Budget Establishment
  • Budget Analysis
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering Analysis & Alternatives
  • Scheduling & Timeline Forecasting
  • Logistics Evaluation & Planning
  • LEED Administration & Support
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Buyout Analysis


GCSI offers three primary project delivery methods including Construction Management (CM), Design-Build, and General Contracting.  In addition to these three primary services, we offer general Construction Consulting services and are willing to provide insight on any prospective development regardless of phase, type, or scale.

Gray Construction Services, Inc (GCSI) is a product of the cumulative knowledge and experience of our team of professionals.  In addition to construction experience in industry fields that include governmental, educational, institutional, healthcare, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and infrastructure projects, our team members have first-hand experience in civil engineering, land development, permitting, sustainable construction (LEED), and applied construction methods.  As a Construction Consultant we offer our knowledge to owners as an aspect of our construction management services, or as an independent general consultant.

Construction Consulting services include:

  • Development Concept Evaluation
  • Site Analysis
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Consultant Evaluation & Referrals
  • Resource Acquisition Solutions
  • Site Sustainability Solutions
  • Building Sustainability & Efficiency Solutions
  • Concept Valuation
  • Investment Optimization Solutions


We welcome owners, developers, and individuals to engage us for creative solutions to construction and development challenges.  Our goal is to be a resource to prospective clients, which includes referring to, or teaming with our network of industry peers in order to achieve the success our clients deserve.

The Construction Manager (CM) project delivery method includes two primary service options, “Agency CM” and “CM at-risk”.  As an Agency CM, Gray Construction Services, Inc. (GCSI) fundamentally serves as an owner’s representative, contracted and responsible solely to the owner, and acts in the owner’s best interests through every phase of the project from conceptualization through final project turnover.  GCSI provides representative consultation to the owner in regards to all aspects of the project, including design and management of the contractor(s).

As a CM at-risk, GCSI acts as a consultant to the owner, but performs the work of a general contractor during the construction phase.  Using this method GCSI provides the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for delivery of the project, and is financially responsible for construction that is satisfactorily delivered on time and within the permissible budget.

In both CM methods a tremendous benefit to the owner is the ability of GCSI to be integrated into the project in the planning phase where our team can provide value engineering, life-cycle analysis, conceptual estimating and scheduling, and constructability reviews of the proposed design in order to ensure unforeseen cost factors and impractical design aspects do not inhibit the project in the construction phase.  This allows the owner to avoid potential cost and schedule overruns prior to the start of work.

The Design-Build method of project delivery is one in which the owner contracts with Gray Construction Services, Inc. (GCSI) as the sole entity responsible for the complete design and construction of the project.  As a Design-Builder, GCSI coordinates with the owner in regards to the basis of design to be implemented for achieving the owner’s vision for the end-product.  GCSI is responsible for evaluating and assembling a qualified consultant team of designers (architects, engineers, etc.) that are best suited to translate the owner’s vision into a constructible design in the form of drawings and specifications.  After a constructible design is achieved in accordance with the owner’s vision, GCSI is responsible for the facilitation of sub-contractor buyout and contracting, and upon successful completion of permitting requirements, directly administrates and manages all aspects of construction.  Consolidation of the timeline for project delivery is achievable by this method, which allows GCSI to oversee the design and initiate early start construction activities as allowed by the permitting bodies.

General Contracting (or Design-Bid-Build) is the traditional method of project delivery in which the owner may elect to choose Gray Construction Services, Inc. (GCSI) as a qualified general contractor to provide construction management services and deliver the project.  Alternatively, the project may be awarded by bidding the work via open bidding, or to select contractors based on qualification.  Regardless of the system of award, GCSI will represent the owner, design team, and the project with commitment and integrity, and by delivering a quality product that turns vision and concept into reality.

GCSI is willing to meet with new owners and prospective clients in order to listen and discuss new projects, and to provide our qualifications to owners for consideration of our services.